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by April Lene on People Skills 101 - tm
Worth it!

Just finished reading the book and I can’t remember how many times I nodded in agreement to the ideas presented! Really really worth your time.I bought this book because I thought it was a subject I could relate to. As someone who manages people in the workplace, this book has been very helpful in pointing out the essentials in building and nurturing relationships and avoiding conflicts. While we are living our busy lives, we sometimes forget the “human” side of things; and this book is a very powerful reminder of that.The author of the book has divided it into four main segments:1. Can You Really Get People to Like You?2. How to Connect With People – and Why3. How to Become a “People Magnet”4. The Best Kept “People Skill” Secrets (Until Now)The “Get People to Like You” section provides in-depth yet fast moving fundamentals of understanding how to get people to perceive us the way we want to be perceived – the essence of human relations.The “How to Connect” section broad, detailed information available regarding connecting with more people, both online and in person, and broadening your friendship base.The “People Magnet” section covers the fine art of easily attracting people to you, rather than inadvertently repelling them.The “Best Kept Secrets” section is, of course, just that. Spoiler alert – you probably know some of these secrets but may not have thought to put them to use.He then brings it together with a “next steps” section. This features insights from both well-known historical figures and the author’s own research. I found it an invaluable source of usable, hands-on advice from an author who apparently has dedicated his life to cracking the human relations code!I also love that every lesson starts with a quote and ends with a Golden Rule which summarize the content of each lesson, making it easier to remember. It is easy to read, entertaining, and full of easy-to-implement suggestions.So, if everyone loves you, or you never have any conflicts with anyone, and you are a wizard at business and personal relationships, you probably don’t need this. But for the rest of us, there is something in it for everyone.


It reminds me of Dale Carnegie - only WAY more readable. I couldn't put it down until I was done.

by Sue-Ellen Kleinschmidt on People Skills 101 - tm
I Needed This

This is just what I needed. I'm shy too. Kerry makes it sound easy to seem self-confident in front of others. I'm nervous but can't wait to give it a try.

You Just Need Three

Full disclosure - this is our first review and this is the author writing it.After a lifetime of studying people, with help from perhaps thousands of people who didn't know I was taking notes, I have distilled the sum of human interaction skills into 21 principles, called GoldenRules.If you learn to use all 21 of them, you will truly become a master of people skills.The beauty of the training, though, is that you just need to master any three of the 21 GoldenRules - preferably three that you want to get stronger at. You can start using them today and you'll begin to see results immediately. It's that easy.

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